Alas – like with our own website (, due to the most hilarious and outrageous sabotaging and persecution issues, we’re back to our old home, WP. Let’s see how we fare.

Work is in progress for our next issue, Issue 007 – Pseudo Reality. We’re demonstrating how the powers at large were able to construct a perception of ‘reality’ that has nothing to do with Ultimate Reality and can be likened to a ClownFactory (see our thus labeled Twitter page), with the goal to not only end with the First Death (as the ‘new world order’ crowd elaborates), but to result in the Second Death (as mentioned in religions), thus to lead to not making it through to the ‘future’. The ‘Enter Not Job’ as some smart observers of our work have come to call it. Yep, tough call. As you know, YouTube is full with conspiracy stuff, but we’d like to point out that only draft magazine – via it’s discernment of the Great Law of the Cosmos behind the scenes (Falun Fafa) – will be able to help you truly see through the curtains of deception behind deception behind deception.

First three issues are now available through Amazon. Our fourth issue Issue 003 – Maintenance, has been rejected with threat of account closure. By comparison, London’s ‘Poetry Library’ rejected us from issue 004 – Survival onwards, which has been stolen from their shelves and remained unlisted in their system until this day. Just to give you an idea of how hard it is to get through to you guys.

Take care and talk to you soon,

draft magazine / reinhard schleining