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just a quick note to say that i’m creating a good deal of the by far biggest issue for the past couple of months live on my facebook profile (

i’ve already set a precedent with the paybackTime issue, where I used laser printed postIts to circulate single sheet poems around london that became in its compiled version the final issue (plus a few additional works).

it just so happens, that writing these days has reached a state and a level that it never openly had in (known) history. of course, behind the scenes, our reality had always been written. the writers of our official narrative – the gods – were shaping our perception and our culture as they ‘needed’ it to be. certain individuals deemed fit to contribute content on the human level (or those who came down here with such a mission) were ELected (EL – saturn) to shape society and its culture. some were then granted the privilege to be added in the ‘official’ book of history.

others worked ‘internally’, dedicating their life to write down certain things, to create certain ideas and visions, and then be ‘used’ for ‘internal’ circulation only. no mortal on the ground would ever know that they existed, nor would they know what they had to write (about).

people who fancied themselves writers but weren’t elected might’ve been really ‘good’ in a ‘talented wordsmith’ kind of way – yet what did they truly know? most of the writers and artists that we know of were ‘initiates’ of masonic brotherhoods and priesthoods. was that not nearly always the case?

while the rest of mankind lived their lives according to their allotted ‘scripts’. not much room to ‘move’ there. from dust to dust.

it is only today that the process of writing – and its impact on reality – has reached a state where all ranks and hierarchies have been turned upside down and everything – all lives and all available content – mixed and mingled. today, everybody is in fact writing. and through the digital world stage, able to publish their views and theories in an instant.

to be sure, the prevailing ‘gods’ continue to generate their main stream – the main thread of the story. yet, no one (not even those gods) can fully and ultimately see who or what is behind some of those other outside / alternative voices. or what would be their ultimate impact and trajectory. is the talmud truth? the gospel of jesus? the koran? the tao-te-ching? quantum theory? charles darwin? elon musk? the holographic universe? the thunderbolt project? the vedic scriptures? osho? david icke? the satanic witch? alistair crowley? greta thurnberg? the royal family? sabbatinian frankism? self-help books? becoming vegan? psychotherapy? transhumanism? logical thinking? greek philosophy? mathematics? pythagoras? illuminism? gnosticism? new age? entheogens? the hive mind? artifical intelligence? augmented reality? cyberspace? simulation theory? or maybe the peer and next door neighbour?

what about buddha law? what about zhuan falun?

for cultivators like myself, an environment of complete and utter confusion like this present one makes completely sense. if there was no confusion and uncertainty even among levels that have ‘all the power’ otherwise, it wouldn’t be ‘fair’ for sentient beings on a universal scale to ‘display’ their true nature and to subsequently arrive at their own understandings – to consummate their very own ‘slice of reality’ (to use an expression i had used more than ten years ago in an essay with the same name).

long has it been said, “beware of what you wish for, since it may well become reality.”

what if everyone, by composing (consciously and unconsciously to varying degrees) their very own ‘narrative’ (however much remote controlled and pushed that may be), will find themselves ‘awakening’ in the universe that they themselves have been ‘writing’ slash ‘creating’?

could this’ve been truly happening once the fabric of delusion is finally lifted?

aren’t we living in a universe that has multiple outcomes / dimensions / realities?

the ‘pseudoReality’ issue would like to humbly contribute to the noble cause of allowing people to find their own take on the reality that manifests inside and outside of them, and then help to write a ‘good’ story.

london, autumn 2019


Alas – like with our own website (, due to the most hilarious and outrageous sabotaging and persecution issues, we’re back to our old home, WP. Let’s see how we fare.

Work is in progress for our next issue, Issue 007 – Pseudo Reality. We’re demonstrating how the powers at large were able to construct a perception of ‘reality’ that has nothing to do with Ultimate Reality and can be likened to a ClownFactory (see our thus labeled Twitter page), with the goal to not only end with the First Death (as the ‘new world order’ crowd elaborates), but to result in the Second Death (as mentioned in religions), thus to lead to not making it through to the ‘future’. The ‘Enter Not Job’ as some smart observers of our work have come to call it. Yep, tough call. As you know, YouTube is full with conspiracy stuff, but we’d like to point out that only draft magazine – via it’s discernment of the Great Law of the Cosmos behind the scenes (Falun Fafa) – will be able to help you truly see through the curtains of deception behind deception behind deception.

First three issues are now available through Amazon. Our fourth issue Issue 003 – Maintenance, has been rejected with threat of account closure. By comparison, London’s ‘Poetry Library’ rejected us from issue 004 – Survival onwards, which has been stolen from their shelves and remained unlisted in their system until this day. Just to give you an idea of how hard it is to get through to you guys.

Take care and talk to you soon,

draft magazine / reinhard schleining


this is something we’ve done to work opposite the PRO-MOTION campaign in order to put the actual packshots of the ‘product’ (our covers) into a straight centre line. obviously, we also reveal some more things without saying anything :)

feel free to pass on to anyone you care about. yet putting those images in possibly ‘indecent’ contexts happens at your own risk …

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