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hooray to the new issue! summer 2013. there’s so much content in there, again, that you shouldn’t know or that you couldn’t have ‘normally’ known that we increasingly feel tables are turning with regards to ‘power’. hope you cherish …

distribution of 50 hard-copy issues (with a ‘real’ nominal ‘share’ value of £ 50,-), like before, through lovely cafe 1001 exclusively.

we’d also emphasize our print on demand scheme for all the collectors amongst you who’d rather like a fine-art printed paper edition to survive possible power grid  or  battery failures ;P don’t be put off by an at first glance ‘unusual’ price tag. it’s reallly just that outsourced mass production has warped our ‘modern’ understanding of values. not our fault. we try to help correcting this, thus also helping everyone in a similar position to survive their humble ventures in the future. has pricing ever been an obstacle for quality? why can coca cola at present ‘afford’ do offers that sell one bottle for gnostic numbers £2.08 and two bottles for £2,-? but even more so, why would they do it? lots to think ….

London, Summer 2013


MADE KNOWNwe don’t want to say much more here other than we’re very happy to bring to you issue number 001 of our magazine. it’s packed with hard core as you’d probably have imagined in the meantime ….

distribution as before through cafe 1001 exclusively.

however, we’re also proud to announce our new print on demand scheme on this occasion, should you have missed out one of those rare and extremely sought-after pieces =]


London, Winter 2012

>>> IT’S DONE <<<

… the triple zero issue is set in stone to set the first milestone for history in the making …

of this beautiful baby, there is a hand-crafted, signed and numbered limited first edition of 100 issued at the moment. we’ve decided to distribute them through cafe 1001 here in london (possibly exclusively). there are a few matters related to this undertaking that will become clear when you get your hands on this precious jewel :)

in terms of payments, the ‘free’ is rather conceptual than ‘real’. it is free because we can do whatever we want to. there is no advertising mixed into this entire project whatsoever. not even ‘opinions’ when you look at it closely. we’d say that’s a lot, these days, if you know the true situation that all media is subjected to. but more on that unspeakable subject is also to be found inside.

the idea behind the finance model is explained in the back bit of the zine.


download the pdf from

>>> HERE <<<

(login: reader@draftmagazine / password: thanks)

a convenient link for your contributions


London, Summer 2012