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hello and welcome to issue number one of our magazine. after having paved the way for this project with our ‘unspeakable’ zero number last time, we have now put together for you the next step of truth clarification, creative delight and – as we hope – a continuous source of strength in some increasingly mind-numbing times to come.

all those who’re at this point still afraid of getting involved – don’t be. we’re certainly not opposing heaven. on the contrary, what this is might as well be what the gods have decided for it to be. can anyone take anything at any time for granted? cultivating the great law involves a lot of profound and enormous issues, so being responsible even to a comma in a line of text or to a lion’s pupil looking at the wrong spot in a picture is something we, of course, do assume.

why what we’re discerning behind the scenes is still subjected to persecution in china is something that everyone has to enlighten to themselves. it is certainly not ‘political grievances’ that my fellow cultivators have with the government. how could a cultivator of an upright law have grievances with anyone or anything? truth be told, underneath the surface, the gods have already made up their minds. the israeli public health service, just to give you an idea, has pulled out of accepting organ donations from china already in 2007. “the contract has been terminated”, to paraphrase alan partridge firing his long- standing secretary over the airwaves in a night-cab after she dared to smear chocolate mousse all over his body in the hotel bed that he’d lured her into sharing.

speaking out or ‘making known’ refers to hidden depths or secrets brought to the light that might be the outcome of a long standing battle between the sexes taking place over countless aeons on the one hand and the consequential outburst of suppressed knowledge or information on the other …

forthcoming: ‘POWER ISSUES’


London, Winter 2012